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Cash was born on 2-22-10. He is a beautiful baby boy with 2 sisters that love him very much! When Cash was 2 months old, we noticed that he wasn't tracking with his eyes. We took him to the doctor &, after an MRI, found out that he has Septo-Optic Dysplasia & is blind. The doctors told us that there's nothing we can do. We refused to believe that we were helpless. We researched immediately & found out about Stem Cell Transplants being done in China that can help regrow the nerves. Many desperate parents & children are going over there & coming back with amazing improvements... miracles! The treatment costs are incredibly expensive and insurance doesn't contribute. With the help of many generous people, we were able to take Cash to China in June 2011. He was completely blind before we went. Now not only does he see light, but he can locate the source that it is coming from. He sees colors as well and seems to really notice the color red. We are currently fundraising for trip number 2. We have PayPal set up that goes directly into Cash's fund. Please help us spread the word and give the gift of sight to our precious little man!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The date is set...

...and were going to CHINA!!! Cash will be admitted to Chengyang People's Hospital in Qingdao, China on June 8th, 2011. He will receive AT LEAST 6 rounds of stem cells (or more if we can afford it) through IV and lumbar puncture.  This will be about 27 hours of just air time, one way, and some hours of layovers in between. It is going to be a very tough flight, but it will be worth it! Also, the days over there are pretty much opposite of here. So not only will we be changing time zones, our then 15 month old will be also!

Now, this just means its crunch time. We've got just 11 weeks until payment is due in full. We still need to raise a good amount of money but were pretty confident that all of us, along with you guys, can do it! The dates have to be set in advance because there are limited Stem cell wards over in China and we have to make sure we get in as soon as possible instead of waiting until we have raised all the funds, and then having to wait months to get a date. We need all the help we can get now. Just please tell anyone who will listen, spread the word everywhere you can to get donations in. We need them more then ever!! Thank you so much to everyone who has already helped us out in getting vision for our little man. Please contact me with any fundraising ideas you have.

Thanks so much!
Morgan and Jesse

Friday, February 4, 2011

February~update on the little man

Hey guys!

First I wanna give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most wonderful husband/daddy in the world! We love you so much! Also, can you believe Cash will be 1 year old in 18 days?!?!?! I can't! He is getting so big. He is learning the cutest things. It is so neat now that he recognizes people that he spends time with often. Nothing makes you feel more special than his little giggle when he hears your voice. He is such a sweet kid. Cash almost has 8 teeth now. Numbers 7 and 8 are just right there under the skin. Poor kid is chewing on anything he can get his hands on, and chews on his hands if nothing else is in reach. He is completely on table food now, which is amazing! We expected some texture aversions, but nope! He eats anything you give him. He will be off formula/bottles in a couple weeks, which makes me soooooo sad! With the girls, it was easy and i looked forward to taking the bottles away. But with Cash, he is my last baby and I do not want to give that up :( O well! He says Mama and Dada. More Dada for sure. He shakes his head No when i ask him if he wants kisses, which Jesse thinks is hilarious! I give them to him anyways :) He pulls up on everything he can. If theres nothing in reach, he rolls around until he can find something that he can pull up on. He's doing so well that one of his therapists decided to only come once a month for now, unless he starts falling behind.
           In my last blog i wrote about him going to the Pediatric Endocrinologist. The appointment is set now- February 21st. One day before his birthday! I am very anxious to get this done. I have held it off as long as I can, just believing that he is fine. I know that this is something that we have to do, and I'd rather find out now if he needs hormone replacement then wait until it is too late. We really believe he is fine though, he seems to be a healthy, growing boy. We should know the results by the beginning of March and I will definitely let you guys know.
          The China trip is becoming more and more of a reality everyday. We have reached about 60% of what we need for his first treatment. Thats HUGE! We are saving everything we can every month and putting it in his account. Every little bit helps! We just need everyone else to keep giving anything that they can (without putting financial strain on yourself), and keep spreading the word to make this thing possible! There has been 4,670 views on this page so far. Just think, if every person that viewed so far donated just $5 (which some of you have done much more!!), that would be $23,350!!! So yes, EVERY little bit counts, and we appreciate it more then words can say. We love you all so much and thank you so so so much for making this possible for Cash!

Morgan and Jesse