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Cash was born on 2-22-10. He is a beautiful baby boy with 2 sisters that love him very much! When Cash was 2 months old, we noticed that he wasn't tracking with his eyes. We took him to the doctor &, after an MRI, found out that he has Septo-Optic Dysplasia & is blind. The doctors told us that there's nothing we can do. We refused to believe that we were helpless. We researched immediately & found out about Stem Cell Transplants being done in China that can help regrow the nerves. Many desperate parents & children are going over there & coming back with amazing improvements... miracles! The treatment costs are incredibly expensive and insurance doesn't contribute. With the help of many generous people, we were able to take Cash to China in June 2011. He was completely blind before we went. Now not only does he see light, but he can locate the source that it is coming from. He sees colors as well and seems to really notice the color red. We are currently fundraising for trip number 2. We have PayPal set up that goes directly into Cash's fund. Please help us spread the word and give the gift of sight to our precious little man!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Results from the Endo...

So Cash got his final results back from the Endocrinologist. All of the tests came back normal except one... his growth hormone. We got the call today from the doctor, his Growth Hormone (GH) level should be in the hundreds, and his is 14. The doctor was very surprised by this because that is extremely low, almost undetectable,  and typically with this level he would be off the charts in length. Normally they would start the injections right away, but since Cash is still 15th percentile in his length, he's going to test him again in July and start him on injections then if it's still so very low. I've had a feeling his GH was low since my girls are both tall and he's been so short. The good thing is, with the shots, he will still grow to be of normal size. The HGH will make his levels normal so he will grow to be the size he would be normally. He will take them 6 nights a week until he's done going through puberty. His doctor told me that kids get used to it very quickly and it becomes no big deal. He said he has a young girl that already gives her own injections. I don't know the exact cost of these since we haven't had to cross this bridge yet, but I'm praying that our insurance will cover a large chunk of them since this is something that we will have to do for many years. Anyways, just keep him in your prayers that everything will work out fine. This is just something that comes along with his disability, and it could always be a lot worse. Praise God that his other levels were normal!