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Cash was born on 2-22-10. He is a beautiful baby boy with 2 sisters that love him very much! When Cash was 2 months old, we noticed that he wasn't tracking with his eyes. We took him to the doctor &, after an MRI, found out that he has Septo-Optic Dysplasia & is blind. The doctors told us that there's nothing we can do. We refused to believe that we were helpless. We researched immediately & found out about Stem Cell Transplants being done in China that can help regrow the nerves. Many desperate parents & children are going over there & coming back with amazing improvements... miracles! The treatment costs are incredibly expensive and insurance doesn't contribute. With the help of many generous people, we were able to take Cash to China in June 2011. He was completely blind before we went. Now not only does he see light, but he can locate the source that it is coming from. He sees colors as well and seems to really notice the color red. We are currently fundraising for trip number 2. We have PayPal set up that goes directly into Cash's fund. Please help us spread the word and give the gift of sight to our precious little man!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cash's Ophthalmologist appt.

Yesterday, Cash had his check up at the pediatric ophthalmologist. There wasn't really much that he could do since Cash is still so young and can't tell us anything. As far as we can tell, there is still no light perception, or anything at all. As all of you ONH mommies know, it is always good to find a good doctor that supports our decisions to take our babies to China. We need all the support and help that we can get. So Cash's doctor yesterday was so awesome! He is the one that diagnosed him at 4 months, and we haven't seen him since. He told me that he is very proud of what we are doing for our son, and if it was his child he would already be on a plane to China. He told me a really neat story about his experience with stem cells. His daughters best friend was 20 wks pregnant when they told her that she should not keep the baby because the babies brain was severely underdeveloped, and there was no way she could survive more than a few hours after birth. The family got in contact with a doctor at a university that agreed to do a stem cell transplant on the baby girl after she was born. After the baby was born, she was sent home on hospice, and she received the stem cells. Long story short, Cash's doctor is attending her 3rd birthday party in June, and she is walking and talking! So he has seen it with his own eyes, and truly believes that if Cash will ever have a chance at sight, this is it. He is going to do another check up when we get back from China and see what kind of improvements he has. As I was checking out of the office, the receptionist said "I don't know why, but he is not charging you. You owe nothing." How sweet is that? I asked her to thank him for me when he came out of his next appt. Then about 40 minutes later, I got a notification saying that his doc had just donated $250 to Cash's account. Now if thats not a supportive doctor, then I don't know what is! :)