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Cash was born on 2-22-10. He is a beautiful baby boy with 2 sisters that love him very much! When Cash was 2 months old, we noticed that he wasn't tracking with his eyes. We took him to the doctor &, after an MRI, found out that he has Septo-Optic Dysplasia & is blind. The doctors told us that there's nothing we can do. We refused to believe that we were helpless. We researched immediately & found out about Stem Cell Transplants being done in China that can help regrow the nerves. Many desperate parents & children are going over there & coming back with amazing improvements... miracles! The treatment costs are incredibly expensive and insurance doesn't contribute. With the help of many generous people, we were able to take Cash to China in June 2011. He was completely blind before we went. Now not only does he see light, but he can locate the source that it is coming from. He sees colors as well and seems to really notice the color red. We are currently fundraising for trip number 2. We have PayPal set up that goes directly into Cash's fund. Please help us spread the word and give the gift of sight to our precious little man!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Progress Report" ;)

Just thought i would update you guys on some of the progress Cash has made in the past few weeks. His therapist came today and said that he is very smart and she just couldn't believe how well he was doing! He pushes up in the crawling position and rocks back and forth, sometimes scooting forward, sometimes backwards. He definitely has the strength to crawl, he just doesn't have the visual motivation. He pushed from his belly up into a sitting position for the first time the other day. It was so cute to find him sitting up in his crib! He can now stand up by himself for about 10 seconds at a time and he gets very proud of himself. He can kind of identify where a voice is coming from. When he's near Jesse and i talk to him, he gets very happy and rolls over in my direction. Then Jesse will talk to him and he will roll over in his direction. He's been eating more chunky, "solid" foods. That is a HUGE thing because quite often, kids with Cash's condition have major food aversions and will not eat anything with any sort of texture for a very long time, some take years. Simply because they cannot see what they are putting in their mouth and so anything thats not liquid, they don't want it. Cash will eat stage 3 baby foods, yogurt melts, puffs, and bananas. He also ate some bites of a cookie on Thanksgiving :). He is using his hands more for awareness. He reaches out to find our hands or reaches to find a toy that has rolled out of his reach. He doesn't do this all the time, but much more then he used to. He babbles a lot more. He says Ba Ba and Da Da. He mimic's me when i make noise. He also does "Patti Cake"all by himself! I start saying it and he taps his hands together, it is so cute!
All these things probably sound very small and not really like a big deal, but for Cash it is huge! Kids with his condition usually develop normal milestones very late, so he is doing extremely well and we are very proud of him. He is exceeding expectations and we pray that he continues to do so. It is definitely different then raising a sighted child, much more difficult on a daily basis. Some days are better then others, but he seems to be having a lot more good days lately. Kylie asked me today if she was ever going to go blind. It made me tear up because she seemed pretty concerned about it. I know its hard on them also, because Cash requires a lot of attention. They are doing so well with him though, they are great sisters and love him very much. We are so looking forward to the days when he can feed himself snacks, crawl/walk, and gain some sort of independence. We know they are coming, its just going to take some time and tons of patience. He is so sweet and his laugh is very contagious. He just loves to be loved!
You guys have been awesome with the donations. We cannot express how thankful we are! We feel very blessed to have such great friends and family! You guys have been so generous and its amazing. We still have quite a bit to raise. The trip and expenses are extremely expensive, and its going to take a long time to raise it all. We know that it is possible with the help of all of our friends and family. The younger he is when he gets the transplants, the better the results. We are hoping to raise the money before too long so we can give him the best chance at the best results. Please keep continuing to spread the word about Cash, and any fundraising ideas that you have please send them my way! Thanks!

We love ya'll!
Morgan and Jesse

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